"Please can you pass on to the team at Cornerstone that we really appreciate all the hard work that has been done with X.X. you have taken him from a Medium Secure Hospital and within 9 months have enabled him to move back into the community. Yours and you’re teams on going dedicated work with our clients is greatly valued"

NHS Mental Health Commissioner


Vision Mental Healthcare (Vision MH) was formed in 2005 as a privately funded venture, with the aim of providing a high quality service for people with longstanding mental health problems. The three founders of the service had all experienced mental health problems within their own families and were therefore motivated to provide a service that strived to be a flagship for mental health provision in an inclusive and common sense way, the hospital has been operational since January 2009.

Initially, the intent was to provide a better standard of social or residential accommodation for people, but it became clear that in order to effect real change there was a need to obtain hospital status to allow the delivery of a broader range of treatments and enable a quantifiable change in peoples’ lives.

Hospital registration was obtained for Cornerstone house under the then regulatory authority, the Healthcare Commission, and again under the current regulatory bodies the Care Quality Commission on the 18th of September 2010.

The Hospital provides treatment and care incorporating the views of the individual, significant others (family, friends) and a range of mental health professionals (the MDT). The MDT comprises:

Consultant Psychiatrist(s)/RC
Clinical Psychologist(s)
Assistant Psychologists
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assistants
Registered Nurses
Healthcare Assisstants (HCA)
Consultant Physician in A/E Medicine (consulting basis)
Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine (consulting basis)
Close links with a local GP Service
Pharmacy Services

The whole unit, including the main building, grounds and out buildings are staffed as a team. For the nursing department, incorporating the HCAs there are two 12.5 hour shifts. Staff work four shifts one week and three the next. Healthcare Assistants in addition rotate on to night shifts every 5 weeks for one week to ensure continuity of care.

This shift pattern has been devised to maximise the continuity of care as well as reducing the number of handovers, with the consequent risk of information being incorrectly communicated. In addition, from a colleague perspective, it reduces the amount of time spent commuting to work, and increases the number of complete work free days.

Some members of the therapy team also take part in the 12.5-hour shift rota. This allows all members of the multi-disciplinary team to take part in the handover process.

For any given shift there is a nominated Nurse in Charge, who will usually be the senior nurse on duty. Therapy staff are considered and counted as part of the shift team for the day.