"To Gordon and all the staff at Cornerstone. Many thanks for taking such good care of X and enabling her to recover, a wonderful job, well done!"

Mother of service user

Our approach

We follow the recovery model in that we promote person centred care. We recognise that the individuals we work with are people first and patients second.

We take a balanced positive approach to risk. Our primary aim is to optimise mental and physical health along with a person’s overall well-being. Care assessment and planning is performed in collaboration with the individual.

Self-care is promoted and supported wherever possible. Action is taken to encourage independence and self-determination to help people maintain control over their own support and care.

The quality of the relationship between the people we support and our colleagues is one of the most important determinants of our success. Our work is underpinned by positive engagement, requiring trust, team work and commitment.

Everyone is provided with the opportunity to engage in a structured programme of activities and therapies which is determined by the individual’s preferences. 

Purposeful activity

People staying at Cornerstone House are given the opportunity to attend a timetable planning session. In this session they are assisted by our colleagues to their day with purposeful activities (any activity that a person finds beneficial and useful). 

Cornerstone House runs a large selection of group and individual sessions. 

Activities can be purposeful if they help you cope better; help you to be more independent or help you have fun and enjoyment.

The interest checklist that helps the colleagues understand what is purposeful for each individual.