Discharge Planning

How are people discharged and can they return as a day patient?

As discharge from the service approaches, the person’s abilities and strengths (as well as difficulties) will inform the type of onward accommodation. Discharge are carefully planned and graduated where appropriate. This will include the continued support of Cornerstone House, which may include returning on a day basis to take part in group activities.

The responsibility for their medical care can be retained by Cornerstone House or returned to that of the referring Health Authority (via the CPA process) at this stage. For many people it is appropriate for the next placement to have a degree of support in order to maintain and strengthen the work done during their stay.

Vision MH Ltd is able to continue to support people following their discharge if required. The same team offers this on-going support which is organised and arranged from Cornerstone House. Suitable local accommodation allows people to access the day programme at Cornerstone House whilst living in the community. Attendance during the day allows work conducted in-house to be consolidated whilst being in the community.

This service is also available to people living locally that have not had a prior period within Cornerstone House.