Every person is provided with a structured therapeutic and activity based day. The treatments, activities and therapies in place have the intent of helping the individual to function both within the community at Cornerstone House and within the wider community to which they will ultimately return or continue to interact with.

The treatment and care provided is structured to follow a working week starting in the morning and finishing in the late afternoon; with the option of extending this into the evening. Separate timeslots are incorporated into the day for different activities and therapies. When someone is first place with us, it is likely that the majority of their activities will take part within the grounds of Cornerstone House and its specially designed areas.

The treatment and care is provided within the agreed structured day to further a sense of purpose.

The care and treatment delivered within this is aimed at:

  • Instilling a sense of therapeutic hope
  • Instilling mutual trust and respect
  • Improving social skills
  • Increasing self- esteem
  • Increasing confidence
  • Increasing the ability to accept life and its limitations
  • Increasing practical abilities
  • Learning essential life skills
  • Furthering the opportunity for education and employment

It is anticipated that the work carried out at Cornerstone House will enable many people to return to less supported accommodation with the skills to introduce a structure to their life outside of Hospital. In some cases, this may involve the obtainment of employment or further education.

The working day includes timeslots for activities that are focused on taking responsibility for looking after aspects of the operations at Cornerstone House. This includes (if appropriate): time to do laundry, gardening, help with menu preparation, cleaning and organising community meetings and trips. This encourages a sense of responsibility for oneself and others and supports independence rather than inadvertently fostering dependency.

The remainder of the timeslots are filled with a mixture of group and individual activities led by our colleagues. This includes the opportunity to take part in:

  • Art Therapy and creative activities
  • Psychological Therapies (CBT, Mindfulness)
  • Social skills and confidence building groups and activities
  • Practical problem solving sessions
  • Discussion groups
  • Activities as suggested by the group (wherever possible)
  • Mental health educational groups (supported by one to one sessions)

Over the period of an individual’s stay the amount of activities taking part within the grounds of Cornerstone House is reduced, to be replaced by activities or groups available in the wider community. The rate of this change will be determined by an individual’s progress but the change is important to enable the transferability of learnt/re-discovered skills to the wider community. Contacts within the local community and the identification of appropriate activities are continually established and reviewed.