Cornerstone House offers accommodation for men and women which is provided in separate areas within the main building of the Hospital. At full capacity a total of 24 people can be accommodated in the main building with an additional 6 people in a separate adjacent building*. Five of these rooms are self-contained studio flats with their own kitchen and the other flat does not contain a kitchen.

Access to Cornerstone House is from Barnet Lane which leads to a circular driveway with parking facilities at the front of the building and to the left of the entrance. To the right hand side of the building is a secure storage area for clinical waste.

Access to the main building is through a controlled entrance. The entrance is monitored by CCTV cameras and it is illuminated by external lights, as are the remainder of the grounds.

All accommodation is provided in single, en-suite rooms. Male and female accommodation areas are separated by doors controlled by electronic keys. Each person is given an electronic key that allows access to their accommodation area.


Each room has its own shower, en-suite wash and toilet facilities. The room can be locked and people are offered a key to their own room.

Each room contains a safe for the storage of valuables / personal possessions, with further safe storage available in the main office or off-site.

All bedrooms are fitted with discrete lockable door viewers for observation by staff. Each bedroom has a CCTV camera to allow people the option of not having traditional observation when at increased risk (reducing the need for 1:1 staffing). Informed, written consent is obtained prior to the use of this alternative observation. Footage from the bedrooms is not recorded or stored, but used solely for observation. The individual is supported to consider the benefits of the options available.

All bedrooms, bathrooms and WCs are fitted with a nurse call button / pull-cord connected to the central console situated in the main office for people to summon immediate attention if required.

All colleagues carry PIT emergency alarms to summon help in an emergency situation.

Communal areas available within the house

The ground floor of the main building accommodates the majority of the communal areas that are easily accessible, these include:

  • Dining area – Situated adjacent but separate to the lounge, with views over the garden.
  • Kitchen – fully fitted and equipped to cater for an individual’s specific dietary needs, colleagues and visitors. Storage areas and refrigeration areas are locked.
  • Lounge – with modular seating, TV, entertainment systems and patient fridge under the breakfast bar for easy access. This area is also used for the daily community meetings.
  • Female only lounge/ library– area designated for use by females when required (on request)
  • With a selection of books, displays of relevant information and notices, and comfortable furniture.
  • Conference room/Family room – for use by visiting family members, advocates or other visitors. Also used for one-to-one sessions with people, located outside of the main Hospital building.
  • Laundry area – people are encouraged to be actively involved in their own laundry. Storage is provided for both soiled and clean laundry.
  • The house contains two separate bathrooms for external visitor and colleague use, one located on the ground floor (DDA compliant), and the other on the second floor.
  • Rooms are available for colleagues to conduct one-to-one sessions with the people we support to ensure privacy and confidentiality

Additional areas are available in the grounds

Three buildings are located within the grounds of the house providing the following facilities:

  • Mutli-purpose room.
  • Three therapy rooms- a kitchen, bespoke art room for art therapy and creative work and a comfortable therapy room for group and individual work.
  • Green House.

The remainder of the three acres is predominantly laid to grass, interspersed by planted areas, a vegetable garden, fruit trees which are bordered by a small wooded area.