"To all my special friends, I’ll never ever forget you...I’ll always miss and think of you all!"

Ex-Service user

Patient population

Cornerstone House helps people with longstanding mental health problems. The majority of people are detained under the Mental Health Act- Sections 3, 37 and 37/41.

We have proven outcomes in working with those with complex personality disorder often with comorbidities

The remainder of the people at Cornerstone House have longstanding treatment resistant psychosis. We have proven outcomes for their successful management and return to community living. We focus strongly on positively engaging people and providing them with a fulfilling daily structure of activities. 

Who is Cornerstone House is appropriate for?

1. A person diagnosed as suffering from a mental disorder as defined by the Mental Health Act 1983/2007.

2. A person experiencing enduring social and psychological distress which leads to:

  • Interpersonal relationship difficulties.
  • Ineffective and/or inadequate coping mechanisms.
  • Maladaptive behaviours leading to distress to themselves or others.
  • Difficulties interacting with other people and or their environment.
  • Cognitive distortions regarding themselves and or others.
  • Exacerbation of mental illness symptoms.
  • Someone who may be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983/2007 & Mental Capacity Act 2005.

Who is Cornerstone House not appropriate for?

1. Someone who does not meet the above criteria.

2. Someone assessed as presenting too high a risk to themselves or others for the environment at Cornerstone House based on MDT review and referrer’s assessment of risks.            

3. A history of recent significant fire starting.

4. A history of significant sexual offending.

5. A primary diagnosis of substance misuse.

6. A primary diagnosis of an eating disorder.

7. Mothers suffering from post-natal mental illness accompanied by their babies.