"To All staff at Cornerstone, thank you for all your support and help. I know I would not be where I am now without your help. I miss you all very much."

Ex-Service user


All therapies provided at Cornerstone House are coordinated by the multidisciplinary team. The therapies form part of the person’s structured recovery programme which is produced in collaboration with the individual at weekly timetabling sessions.

Psychology, Occupational and Art Therapy makes up the majority of the therapies on offer. These include CBT and working to challenge delusional beliefs.

A high staffing level is provided on a daily basis to allow the formation of positive therapeutic alliances and to allow the normalization of people that we work with. 

Occupational Therapy at Cornerstone House

OT at Cornerstone House aims to support people to overcome the effects of their mental health illness so they can carry out everyday tasks which are both meaningful and beneficial to their recovery. It takes a person centred approach, taking into consideration a person’s physical, psychological, social environmental needs so that appropriate interventions can be planned and implemented.

All people admitted to Cornerstone House undergo a 4 week assessment period with Occupational Therapy. Within this time, a person will be encouraged to engage in a variety of assessments so that their goals, occupational performance, motivation, current and past routines and activity patterns can be ascertained. This process enables the Occupational Therapist to gather vital knowledge to collaboratively work with the person to plan their treatment. It also is supportive of establishing a therapeutic rapport and building trust.

Occupational Therapy at Cornerstone House is provided in both group and 1:1 sessions and aims to facilitate interventions that are activity focused. This enables people to regularly practice practical skills which may have been limited by the effects of their mental health illness. During such interventions the Occupational Therapist is able to advise on solutions to problems and support people to implement these into their daily life.

OT works closely with other disciplines, including the Nursing Team, Psychology and Art Therapy, to ensure that a person is effectively supported to achieve their full potential.

Such disciplines regularly attend colleague meetings to review a person’s care pathway and ensure they are receiving the necessary treatment to progress their recovery.