Care pathway

Cornerstone House was set up with the intent of managing people in a less restrictive, more environmentally pleasing environment than traditional mental health services. To this end, we work with people who would otherwise require care and treatment provided in secure or forensic services. Many of our referrals are from acute in-patient wards or PICU services.

We have demonstrable positive outcomes for working with people who have either been in secure services or who would have needed to go to secure services without our intervention.

Working in this way we have successfully helped a significant number of people to return to community living.

Care Planning

Person health care is planned with the individual in consultation with our MDT, colleagues, and relatives as appropriate. 

Other appropriate health care professionals are involved in the planning of peoples’ health care where necessary.

People referred to Cornerstone House will be under the Care Programme Approach (CPA).

There are 4 main elements to CPA, supported by Cornerstone House:

  • Systematic assessment of an individual’s health and social care needs
  • Development of an agreed care plan to meet those needs
  • Allocation of a primary nurse (or equivalent) to co-ordinate the delivery of care
  • Regular review and monitoring of an individual’s progress and ongoing delivery of the care programme to meet individual needs

Cornerstone House will regularly audit the effectiveness of the CPA process and invites feedback from all parties.

To ensure that we provide the highest level of care to people, our colleagues will prepare various reports or be present to provide verbal reports that are minuted to inform the CPA review meetings; including psychiatric, psychological, occupational therapy and nursing perspectives.

The individual is encouraged to be fully involved in the creation, documentation and review of their care plan. Each person will be encouraged to contribute and sign their care plan and a written copy will be given to them.